The Only One Hot Rock Sauna In Toronto Is Here

You will feel the heat from your body, inside and out. Once you start sweating, you can get the benefit of eliminating excess fluid and salt (electrolytes), as well as waste material from your body. Indeed, the combination treatment of massage and sauna will bring you the best result ever! [more]

Traditional Asian Style Body Scrub

The benefit of our famous Water Table Body Scrub is to stimulate blood circulation, keep all dead skin cells off and away from the pore. Your skin will be really soft and smooth afterwards. We suggest you to have a deep exfoliantion like our body scrub at least twice a week. [more]

Sea Salt Milk Body Scrub


Seaweed Body Contour Wrap


Dead Sea Black Mud Body Wrap


Big promotion

PROMOTION!!! In Mid-Autumn Chinese Festival, from Sep 01----Sep 26,  Any customers who do massage in our spa can enjoy free sauna. Wish have happy time with your family here, please call us : 905 604 9337 [more]

Restorative Abdomen Massage

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, abdominal massage could effectively increase lymphatic flow and muscle tone, improve digestive functioning, and thereby ...[more]

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